Experience: Over 300 events!

1 - The Price

I am open minded about the price. I am not strict about it. I try to work with people if they have a budget. And I can make a reasonable deal with you. Don't worry, you can get quality service and still make a deal. Call me before you get another DJ!

2 - The Music

I know Indian music and I try to be up to date on the popular songs for both Bollywood and Bhangra. I don't just play what I like, I play what is considered popular. So it does not matter if you need a Bollywood DJ or a Bhangra DJ, I can handle both catagories. I also have about 2 hours of Garba music. And I have some English songs as well. But most of my collection is Indian. 

3 -   My Experience  

I have done over 300 events. I have done weddings, wedding receptions, clubs, houses, corporate events, lounges and I DJed at the beach once. I have DJ-ed all over California. I have DJ-ed in Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Simi Valley, Bakersfield, Fresno, and more. I have also done events outside of California. I have done Indian events, Pakistani events, Bengladeshi events, Nepali events, and American events. It does not matter if you have a wedding or a dinner party, I do different kinds of events.  

4 - I interact with the crowd

I don't just play music. I interact with the crowd. I love to get involved. I get on the microphone and try to pump the crowd up. This is one of the things that makes me really different from some of the other Desi DJ's. I get involved when I DJ. I engage with the audience. And I love it. For me it is fun. I try to get the crowd going.    

5 - My video samples  

I have lots of video samples of people dancing when I DJ. So if you want to have an idea of how some past events have gone, I have video samples! For different reasons I don't put them on here, but I can send them to you if you like!

6 -  I know how to mix             

I understand the purpose of mixing. When to switch, how to match beats, what song to play, and of course going by the crowd. Some of the other Indian DJs don't know how to mix, but I do. And I mix properly. I used to work at a Los Angeles radio station, so I am actually mixing the right way.
I won't give you drama.

Why hire me as your DJ?

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